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GDPR Policy

J Pimlott Butchers


GDPR Privacy Policy: Effective 25thMay 2018



With the new GDPR regulations coming into effect on 25thMay 2018 as a customer of J Pimlott Butchers we hold data that may be personally identifiable to individuals. Please see below our policy on how this data will be used and stored by J Pimlott Butchers.



Privacy Statement J Pimlott Butchers


J Pimlott Butchers takes privacy seriously therefore we only keep and store the relevant data to enable us to process and deliver ordered goods to customers, generate invoices, and to receive payments.


We will only text and email market to those who ‘Opt in’.


J Pimlott Butchers only use the data stored for their own purposes as detailed and will never sell or pass your details to third parties without first obtaining your written consent.


We will keep your data securely.


Upon confirmation received from yourself of ceasing to be a customer of J Pimlott Butchers your data will be removed from our database to preserve your privacy.


Should you wish to confirm what details are held by J Pimlott Butchers or wish to request that your details are removed from our records then please email in the first call 0161 485 4455.