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Covid19 Policy

COVID19 Policy                                                                                 Updated 22/09/20

                                                                                                            Doc 1.2




- Face masks, gloves and Visors are provided for our staff. The wearing of a face mask or visor is mandatory.


- We have purchased a non contact temperature check reader.


- Hand sanitiser gel and hand sanitiser wipes are provided for staff and customers of they wish.


- Uniforms are changed on a daily basis and laundered via an approved cleaning company.


- Staff have been informed of the need to increase the frequency of hand washing and the cleaning surface areas, particularly those high traffic contact areas i.e. door handles, card machines, scales and till etc.


- Staff work in smaller fixed teams, i.e. one team in the back preparation unit, one on the cooked meat counter and a maximum of two on the raw meat counter. Contact between these teams is kept to a minimum and working is always side to side or back to back.


We are hoping to shortly have an additional preparation area available as we are converting the garage into another prep room.


- Only one member of staff is permitted in the staff room, store room or w/c at any one time


- Arrival times and break times are staggered


- Customers have been encouraged to place their orders online, by telephone, email or via messenger


- A click and collect service is available 


- Customers are encouraged to pay by contactless payment


- The number of customers allowed in the shop at any one time has been limited to 3.